As promised, I return to Colorado next week. I’ve been getting emails all spring and summer asking when I’m coming back, so clear your calendars and prepare thyselves, slaves! 

June 23-24 Denver

June 25-July 1 Southern Colorado

I’ll be packing all of my best corporal implements and leather, including some very fine boots I just picked up from Natacha Marro. My suitcases will be stuffed with whips, floggers, paddles, canes, and more. And for you humiliation junkies, you’ll need to make your requests early for things like toilet training, chastity and public spectacle–I book up in advance and have very limited time in each city.

Sadly I will not be attending Thunder Mountain, as I have business in Southern Colorado that prevents me from going, but I hope all of you who are going this year have a great time. It looks like an awesome lineup!