Queen Femdom Goddess Darcy wm 72

Exciting news, UK slaves. I’ll be back in London for ten glorious days this fall. Although I have not confirmed the trip yet, I’m anticipating being there from the end of August through early September and should be booking my flight shortly. I know a lot of you are dying to see me as I’ve already gotten about two dozen requests from eager ladies and gentlemen alike. Make sure you submit your applications asap if you want to guarantee time with me! If you’ve never seen me before, fill out my online form here. If you have seen me before just drop me an email. I require deposits on almost all sessions.


I’ll be sessioning out of Central London in a private dungeon that has a full BDSM kit and suspension rig. It’s clean, discreet, and very easy to get to. Domestic sessions are also available for newbies and slaves who want a more “realistic” experience of girlfriend roleplay or domination in a vanilla setting. I already plan on doing a lot of toilet training, humiliation, edge play and corporal punishment while I’m in London, based on the requests I’ve gotten. If your interests fall outside of that, however, let me know in advance via my online form and I’ll be sure to bring the proper equipment and wardrobe to make it an exciting session for us both.

One of the reasons I keep returning to England is my massive network of scene friends there. I always party my hardest when I’m in England, as I find the kink scene in London to be unparalleled to anything else in the entire world. I plan on attending Torture Garden September 4, which resumes its indoor blowouts at Electrowerkz and the Coronet for the fall. I’ll also be at the Fix Up Look Sharp munch on August 30 in Central London. If you see me at any fetish parties or munches, you can always politely introduce yourself as a fan. Bonus points if you ask for an autograph on your knees: I do love being recognized in public, especially on foreign soil.