Gifts are never expected, that’s what makes them gifts! But if you want to instantly put Mistress Darcy in a fabulous mood, you may use this style guide to get an idea of her tastes. Always include the gift receipt in case the sizing or color need to be adjusted. If you can’t afford a gift, then a bouquet of flowers, stationary, or well-written card always makes a nice statement. For those of you with a larger budget, the items below are hand-picked by Mistress Darcy and updated regularly. You can also visit her wishlists on both and While Mistress Darcy adores all of her subs, she never forgets anyone who goes the extra mile to make her happy.

Please do not get her any of the following: chocolate, desserts, champagne, wine, alcohol, strawberries, perfume.

If you are unsure about a specific gift, please email Mistress Darcy to ask. It is better to ask first than purchase something inappropriate. However, if you are sure she will like your gift, Mistress Darcy loves surprises. If you want to mail something to her in the United States or the United Kingdom please contact her via email for a shipping address. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are fabulous opportunities for your generosity, as well as Mistress Darcy birthday, which is in November. You are always welcome to give yourself the gift of Mistress Darcy’s time. Book a session with her and cross one more thing off YOUR wishlist.

Mistress Darcy Size Chart


Animal Bracelets
Heart Diamond Earrings
Rose Gold Earrings
Rose Gold Rings
Ruby Necklace
White Diamond Earrings